Sunday, April 25, 2010

Turn around and Jump

It's been a while but here it goes...

How do you reinvent yourself? How do you start from scratch? How do you abandon your old you and accept and unbodied a new self. How do you motivate yourself to something completely new? How do you detach from old strings that made you who you are? The answer is that... nobody should have to do it... unless you really have to. It's paradoxic but it's f#cking life. Life's not a movie, we can't all be rock stars, drug dealers, supermodels, marine biologists or masked heroes trying to save the planet. We take what we can from each day that goes by, and we should take it victoriously. Might not be another f#ucking day tomorrow so we better not take things for granted.

Smashing Pumpkins - Bodies

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Old Beginnings, what restricts me are the circles inside!!!

First and foremost, I'm back to posting again. Been crazy last couple of months, new job, new people and a second little human being on the way which is due in a week or so.
This one is dedicated to friends who forget how to be friends. This one is for the ones I left behind, and even after I call so many times no one gives a damn about emailing back. This one is for all of you, far from sight far from heart!
Pedro, Escalopes and Kutchie, you skip this one. Here's to repetition, and old beginnings and may all of you live happily ever after. As one great band said in one of their best songs, probably the best one: "What restricts me are the circles inside".
Rock'n Roll and the rest is just white noise!!!