Friday, July 31, 2009

Because good friends will always be friends

Because good friends will always be friends, because good friends will be there 'till the end, will be there when you leave, when you return and will remember your birthday (even if it's a month later. Here is a song that will always remind me of the only friends that I have, the good friends. Here’s to the good friends that I had, that I have and that I will have, the friends with witch I shared a beer, a bundle of tequila shots, sunrises in Sintra, waking up in the beach, a train ride thru several countries, a 3 hour road trip that took up to 8 hours! Here’s to all of them, and may them be happy.

This song reached a massive audience in one night, when it was used during the special two part "Clip Show" of the extremely popular show Seinfeld in 1998. The song played during a montage of clips from the show's history.
Band member Mike Dirnt went on to state that the release of this song was probably the "most punk" thing they could have done.
With no further delays, your Song of the day – Good Riddance (Time of your Life) released in 1997 in the album Nimrod by Green Day.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Because life is too short, because nobody reads the fine print between the lines and because it takes a couple of minutes for an ice cream to melt, with no further delays, your Song of the Day.

This takes us back to January 1968, cover version of All Along the Watchtower, performed by the great Jimmy Hendrix. The song was originally written in November 1967 by Bob Dylan while recovering from a motocycle accident. Among various artists who did a cover of this song are U2, Prince, Dave Mathews Band and Neil Young, none achieved such phenomenal musicality as Hendryx did. The solo in this cover version is the reason why wah-wah pedals were invented.

Leave your thoughts on this one. More to follow. And don't forget, give us your song of the day also.