Sunday, July 26, 2009


Because life is too short, because nobody reads the fine print between the lines and because it takes a couple of minutes for an ice cream to melt, with no further delays, your Song of the Day.

This takes us back to January 1968, cover version of All Along the Watchtower, performed by the great Jimmy Hendrix. The song was originally written in November 1967 by Bob Dylan while recovering from a motocycle accident. Among various artists who did a cover of this song are U2, Prince, Dave Mathews Band and Neil Young, none achieved such phenomenal musicality as Hendryx did. The solo in this cover version is the reason why wah-wah pedals were invented.

Leave your thoughts on this one. More to follow. And don't forget, give us your song of the day also.


  1. hmm... i know you can do better... gimme another one...

    Zero 7 was good today!!

  2. Unbelievable! Regardless of all the mails advertising this fantabulous musical blog to my oldest friends, it is, surprisingly, my newest friend that posts a comment. Lady’s and Gentlemen, a Big round of applause to Miss Susie Girl, the greatest PA that ever lived. Oh, And I owe her a Tall Non Fat Vanilla Latte at Starbucks.