Friday, September 25, 2009

Road to Hell

Because we're all fathers and sons, at least most of us are. Because I remember my dad having a BMW with a blaupunkt stereo cassette player in it. And I will always remember one cassette that played and played and continued to play several times. Much unknown to the common musical lover, but it's a classic and it's good. I wish I had watched a live performance from this guy, he definitely has one of those voices that will give you the goose bumps. Released in 1989, Road to hell, from the album that shares the same name, here performed live at the Plymouth Pavilion 13th April of 2006. With no further delays, this one is for you dad: Chris Rea.


  1. jesus, memories are wierd and selective as hell. I totally remember the BMW!

    How cool is that?

  2. How cool was that beemer!? White and old, but I remember my dad opening the litle window on top and me and my sister would just stick our heads out in the wind through the streets of Lisbon at night.

  3. I remember one day going from Queluz to Costa da Caparica with wind on my face coming from that window top.
    Older and older we are...

  4. No way!!! Did you have the house in Charneca at that time? I remember hitchiking to the beach with Carinha?? And playing monopoly until 5am? F#cking great times. Summertimes.

  5. No no no no.
    No Charneca house by that time...

    And do not start crying mate!