Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Headphone Love = METRIC for a while

I have a beautiful pair of headphones! Koss is the brand, and for a fair price it boosts a sound way above average headphones. And every time I would catch the train and the subway on my way to work, I would wear them proudly as they would immerse me completely in music. Have you ever had the feeling, when you're walking through the streets, with your headphones on, and you imagine yourself in the middle of a music clip. That's how good those headphones are. I remember at that time listening to a lot of Metric on my way to work. I mean, Metric is ok, but you can only listen to their albums so many times. After a while it gets annoying. By the way, Metric is a Canadian band for most of you who don't know. And yes, canadians already apologized for Alanis Morissete, Celine Dion and Brian Adams and they moved forward. They do have good music though. Not that most of them will listen to it but that's something to talk about on another day. There was one song from Metric that always reminded me of a good friend. A friend with which I shared a flat in Amsterdam, even a bed, and most of all, I remember trying to unlock our bikes in the middle of a plaza in Amsterdam for 30 minutes at 4 am, laughing throughout the whole process. For my warrior princess, a true Princess Mononoke, a true Kutcthie. I dedicate you this song. Love is a place, last song from the album Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?. Released on September 2 of 2003.


  1. Hey mano, just wanted to say thanks for writing the blog again... its my only real entertainment here in this hell hole called Saint John :)
    Great blog

  2. Metric, Metric, Metric.
    So many people likes Metric at all.
    Haven´t quite known any particular one how really likes it.
    It´s clearly a case of "not even going to give them a chance" thing.
    Lazy pop sound falling down on the knees of the steps bellow. Totally missundertood.(spell spell spell)
    "Love is a place" nice choice in the end...

  3. Metric wasn't bad. Now it actually is. Their last album is a repetition of the past. They didn't really bring anything new in terms of music. I think they have a certain appeal, or had. But at least it's better than Lilly Allen and all the pop sh#it they feed us this days.

  4. Thanks Maria for your support for good music. It's like chasing the holly grail these days. But we try. Oh we try.