Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TOP 5 Sci-Fi movies - reloaded

Good top 5 miss BeKa!!! Haven't seen Stalker, will look into that definitly.
For now, my Top 5:

5 - The Time Machine, the original one. Fantastic story, fantastic movie. Guy Pearce, eat your heart out. H.G. Wells writes the most fantastic time travel story.
4 - The Matrix/ Dark City - I had to put both, although the Watchowsky brothers did a fantastic job, Alex Proyas with dark city, released in 1998, explores that idea, and even certain nuances and ambiance in the movie seem very similar to one another. Dark city came first.
3 - 2001 Space Odissey - It's a mind f#ck, it's existensialism, it's pure sci-fi and it rocks
2 - The original Star Wars Trilogy.
And number one, a classic.
1 - Blade Runner - for me the ultimate Sci-fi, noir, with a fantastic texture. Just brilliant.

Sorry love, I love Equilibrium,I think it's fantastic, the concept is really well executed, and Christian Bale, f#ck, he's good in every role, from Empire of the Sun (will not even mention The Machinist, can't believe he wasn't even nominated for an oscar) to the Batman Role, he is just a fantastic actor, I just don't think it has enough in it to compete with the others on the top 5.

And it seems to be The Matrix soundtrack day, because here goes another one:
I think it's track number 6: Clubbed to Death, Rob Dougan.

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