Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TOP 5 Sci-Fi Movies - BeKa

Excuse me...Equilibrium is not great! It's fabulastic!!Besides, leading role for Christian Bale: the kid that brings any mortal to a flowing weep followed by the Machinist that turns the weeping into a deep soul ache..

I will not mention Star Wars on the list since it's completely unnecessary...can't beat movies that have their own category!

As for the remaining 4 in my top list pls have below:

2 - Twelve Monkeys - Directed by Mr. Terry Gilliam (for those that do not know The man, he directed The Quest for the Holy Grail - Monty Python - how much sweeter could that be!), and lead by Bruce Willis (another trivia about this man - he played the harmonica for 15 mins solo at Woodstock - cool of the coolest!)

3 - The Matrix - I'm almost ashamed to put this one here, but I can't deny the first one was a blast on sci-fi/movie making at the time. And yes, the story line is a master piece as far as futuristic movies go....But I have no words to define how much I dislike Keanu Reeves and the movie's sequels.

4 - Blade Runner - Bless you Ridley Scott! Good one Vangelis!

5 - Stalker - Released in 1979 and almost unknown to the Hollywood followers. Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky - I had to search for the name because I had no idea who the guy was. Do not expect an expected future, this movie is all about an alternative reality shown in a slow paced slide show. It will make your heart pound with only a gentle change of scene...highly unrated unfortunately....

Oh my dog...I had so many more to list...

PS - If Spielberg by any chance reads this...I'm sorry!!!! You're still in my heart but, but, YES I'M A TRAITOR!!!!!! But still love ya....

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