Saturday, October 31, 2009

Top's that makes us want to dance, cry and f#ck!

Ok, probably not the all time favourites (and not repeating Eternal Sunshine ok?), but more like the ones that are on my mind at this point...and remember my mind is not quite as good as it used to be, so...tcham tcham tcham!

5 - Nine Songs, Michael Winterbottom - In London, England, love blooms between an American college student, named Lisa, and a British glaciologist, named Matt, where over the next few months in between attending rock concerts, the two lovers have intense sexual encounters – Not a great movie, yet somehow kicked in.
Intimacy - Patrice Ch̩reau - Every Wednesday, She meets once a week Рyet again, not a great movie, but as something in it. Maybe the sex?
3 - Chungking Express - Wong Kar-Wai wrote each scene either the night before or on the morning on the day of filming. A movie about love, without a plot.

2 –
Breaking the Waves - Lars von Trier – paralyze the future? (And live your dreams today. La la la…)
1 –
Until the end of the world, by Win Wenders – Kick ass photo shooting. Son + mother love story (in my honest opinion). Indian nuclear satellite has gone out of control – Original movie title “Bis ans Ende der Welt”.

As soundtrack I leave you two of the “nine songs”:


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  1. Haha, brilliant, Chungking Express, I was going to put that one, but had to choose between 2046 and the one mentioned above. Same director, both f#ucking phenomenal. Michael Winterbottom 9 songs is brilliant, but as relationship movie I think it falls short. Altough the soundtrack and the "Photography" are spectacular. I thought Intimacy was Michael's also. Oh, and you reminded me of Stay, Far away so Close from Wim Wenders, the one about Angels that Nicolas Cage and Meg (Mellow) Ryan ripped off in City of Angels. Curious. Both movies have U2 as featured soundtrack. The first one kicks Ass. Good one Peter. Still waiting for Miss Beca, I think we scared her away!!!! That's ok, soon, top 5 Sci-fi Movies. hehehehehehe.