Friday, August 14, 2009

Are you a Fanboy?

Alright, Fanboys is not a great movie, doesn't have a great script (although the cameo apearences are hilarious), but is about something that most of us enjoyed and cherished for years. Star Wars. Yeah, that's right, STAR WARS. Nope. I'm not that fanatic, I don't know small facts and details about the characters in the movies and this is not a fan statement. I guess a lot of us grew up watching those movies, sometimes over and over during summer reruns late at night. It was just part of our culture and whether you like it or not, each and everyone of us (except for trekers) wanted to have a little of Han Solo, a little of Luke Skywalker, a little of Darth vader, Obi Wan Kenobi and off course the beautiful Leia Organa. I mean being a stormtrooper must be hell during summertime, but kicks ass when we walk in pairs. Nervertheless, each and everyone of us has an adventure to tell about our childhood summertimes with our friends. That's what is all about, an adventure with your friends.
Since Star Wars was the drive here, let me bring you to speed with some other guys who got a taste of it also. Let me just say you would like to get out of the way of that Tie fighter that's coming your way. Just press play and volume up.

P.S. A little tip from a friend from the other side of the ocean, said that a Miss Beca might like this one, at least the begining.

Ash - Lose Control, released in 1996 from the Album 1977 (you might guess why the name of the album is 1977).

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