Monday, August 17, 2009

Eastcoaster Geek

Hey, east coasters, more precisely, Maria. I know you're out there, on your own, figuring it all out. At least figure out all that you don't want, everything that you like will come next. Wise man said that "only the fools stall to live in the comfort of the present..."
Ok, I totally made that up, but it sounded sooooo profound, and I'll be throwing up next, but before that, what else, our song of the day, dedicated tou our own geek in the family, our lonely east coaster.
Ladies and few Gentlemen, Suede - By the sea. Never very famous in the States, but off course, they had Britney Spears and Beyonce music to torture clothing store's customers and innocent bystanders, as stated in my earlyer posts. They were actually called the Suede Of London in the US, go figure. Well, if the Spanish can call the Rolling Stones, Las Piedras Rolantes, that isn't actually that bad, but still retarded though. Really stupid! Well both times I saw them live, they were really fantastic. Real good stage presence, not that we can say much for the new bands in these days. F#ck!! Those marketing guys really f#cked up music completely. To the bone I say, to the bone!

P.S. Hey Geek, the chorus has all the answers to life, listen to it carefully, the mosquitoes are eating my laptop, gotta go.
Bet you thought I was going to post something really goth didn't you? Ahah, fooled you!!

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  1. Thanks mano, I really appreciate the Geek comment... seriously geeks rule!
    Thanks for the mention and I really enjoy the song.
    Keep up the great blog you have going since we lonely east coasters need all the entertainment we can find :)