Monday, August 10, 2009

Music is allergic to air conditioner

What?! Music is allergic to air conditioner?! It's true. I drove by a beautiful blue and white Dodge Viper yesterday. It was a spectacular day, warm and sunny drinkable afternoon. And this guy was listening to some music with the windows up. I say, spread the music, let it out when your going for a drive, share it with world, music hates air conditioner (scientifically proven, probably). Music is allergic to closed spaces. Hear it loud and clear, stereo or mono. Just let it slide through your speakers. Off course, and I'll make this very clear. This only applies to good music. Bad music, you should not roll down your windows or turn it up. You shouldn't even listen to it. It's like bad wine. Don't drink it. The hang over is a killer.
Here's an example of good driving music. Loud, clear and with your car windows rolled down. Suck on that one Dodge Viper Owner.

Jacqueline is track number 1 on Franz Ferdinand’s debut album by Scottish indie rock band Franz Ferdinand, released in early 2004.
Turn on your volume.

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