Monday, October 12, 2009

Alternative radios are dead

I remember listening to radio, once. When there was a radio worth listening to. When there was an alternative to all that was extremely popular, f#ucking annoying and brutally murdering music. I remember that this radio didn't even have a name and was on the air for 3, 4 months and one day vanished completely. I remember listening to it religiously with my best friend. The radio was spectacular, but, no name = no DJ, just a playlist which we, so much tried to find on the internet but failed. The category alternative which was standard for something new and refreshing in those days is really misused now. I would use alternative as toilet paper if the lyrics weren't so bad, it would hurt my bottom. I remember one of the first musics they aired. At that time they were not mainstream. Ladies and Gentlemen, the only music worth listening from The Killers, a fluke maybe (like Yeah Yeah Yeahs first album)?! What we know is that they are american, from Las Vegas. First musical album Hot Fuss ,(what came next might end up as runner's up for an elevator music contest). With some influences from the 80's, "All These Things That I've Done".

Note: The Killers, a name which comes from the bass drum of a fictional band in the music video for the New Order song "Crystal". (Is this true? If so, why??? we will never know).

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