Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pete said...

Radiohead - Kid A (2000) - 8. Idioteque

Mild und leise was composed in 1973 using the Music360 computer language.
The piece from Paul Lansky's came out on a Columbia/Odyssey LP in 1975 as a result of a contest run by the International Society for Contemporary Music.
It sold about 7000 copies.
Radiohead´s Idioteque samples a bit of this one.
What a good and pleasurable start for it.
The best song (or the worse) from the album that changed everything.
One more OK Computer and we all would be vomiting written advices of suicide to Tom´s nonexistent email address.
Can you keep calm felling the beat of this one at your heart?

Or you don’t have a heart?

Let me hear both sides
Let me hear both sides
I'll laugh until my head comes off
This is really happening

Global warming my ass.
Some things aren’t meant to be understood.

Such as love and passion.
Friendship and brotherhood.
It ends up being all in the bit of the beat.
If your able to reached it like your supposed to, then you’ll understand it, without the need of the word of men…

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  1. Truly fantastic!! I wanna be in that forest, in camouflage!