Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - No No No

What happened to the raw musicality power of that band that started opening for The Strokes and White Stripes? What happened to that band that created powerful and unpredictable sounds such as Maps, Y Control or their first single Date with the Night?
Fever to Tell was fantastic, unpredictable, savagely explosive. Show Your Bones was ok, decreasingly ok. It's Blitz! just sounds like a collection of slow acoustic songs from Metric. Maybe a delayed influence from the early times they shared a flat in New York. So, do the following: Get your friends in your car, it's Friday night and all of you are going to your local club or just cruising to the beach. Turn the ignition key, insert Fever to Tell from Yeah Yeah Yeahs in your car stereo, light up a cigarette (optional, you can also light up any light recreational drug at your own responsibility). Turn on the volume 'till you can't hear what your friend in the backseat is saying. Skip to the second track and just let Karen O take it from there. She'll scream and melt your brain, with a guitar that's sounds like a Spitfire zeroing on your ass, and you'll squeeze that feeling 'till that last second! And after that, gear up and Rock'n Roll!!
Date With the Night from the album Fever to Tell, released in April 2003. Ladies and Gentlemen, the good old Yeah Yeah Yeahs!!!


  1. What if, what is isn´t truth?

    What if, "Fever to tell" was a mistake?
    What if, the real YYY´s are the nowadays?

    Hum, in the end they ended up fooling everyone, cause altough "Fever to tell" does totally kick ass, apparently its not their thing...

  2. If it was a fluke, then a happy one it was. Still kick's ass. In the end I think they sold out to the current currency. They tried to adapt, and that my friend was a killer. Long live the old yeah yeah yeahs.